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Interactive Workbooks

From the job entering candidate to the seasoned executive, the books, guidebooks, workbooks, and quick reference material offered through Education Career Services gives you a distinct advantage over the competition… there is NOTHING on the market offering more value to your career development and job search. Propel your career by gaining the “real” trade secrets from certified career coaches, certified resume writers, and certified interview professionals today. Written by a recognized author, national speaker, and ground-breaking entrepreneur, ECS delivers results.

Mission Possible

When all that stands between you and employment is a background check that will uncover criminal history, substance abuse, or credit issues, you need a proven strategy to overcome a problematic past. Let’s face the fact: it will be hard, requiring extra work on your end. Together, with this workbook, you can and will overcome this challenge.

Writing to STAND OUT

Reality: Millions of qualified people are looking for work each day, what are the chances you’ll be noticed? Are you delivering the most effective documents? Now is the time to gain your competitive advantage... find out how.


It gives some people cold sweats...

"It’s a necessary evil!" others say...

In fact, the job interview is the foundation for a rewarding career. The skills required to present yourself as a valuable asset are the same skills used for job advancement, consensus building, people management, and sales, to name a few.

A Workbook for Applying to Federal Jobs

The government is the single largest employer in the USA, offering amazing benefits, job security, and more. Still, many job seekers are frightened by the prospect of applying for a Federal job.

Kick-Off Your Career With Knowledge

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about...

Self-awareness is the key to choosing relevant training and education; it’s foundational to career satisfaction and career advancement. Knowing your strengths, interests, personality traits, and talents is a map to navigating your future.


In the world of Facebook and MySpace, isn’t everyone up on digital networking?

"The majority of all jobs (70%-80%) are found through networking"